medicine pillsOne consumer complaint is a statistical minimum guarantee. A handful is still not above average. However, when it comes to something as potentially dangerous and life-saving as medical products, there’s no room for error. When you get consumer complaints about your packaging, act quickly and respond with medical package testing services.

Seal Strength Test

One of the basic, and the most important, aspect of medical package testing is the seal strength test. A seal weakening or breaking could be the most common reason for your consumer complaints, either because the medicine got contaminated, or fell out of its packaging due to an insufficient seal. Even liquid and condensation might leak into packaging with insufficient seal strength and cause invisible damage. The Ten-E experts will test your package’s seal strength first and foremost.

Package Performance Test

How does packaging stand up during shipment? What does dropping the packaging do to the delicate contents inside? Package performance is another important aspect of medical packaging testing. Our experts simulate a number of somewhat common events that could occur to your products, such as dropping from a high distance, rolling, extreme temperature shifts and high altitude.

Accelerated Aging Test

Your expiration or “best before” date must be precise; otherwise unsuspecting consumers could ingest an ineffective or even dangerous product. Our accelerated aging test will see how your packaging holds up over time, and how the products inside are impacted, so you can make a more precise claim as to when the product will no longer be viable.

If you’ve yet to get many or even any complaints, you’re probably doing everything right — but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Regular package testing with Ten-E will help prevent future potential issues from even occurring.