medical equipmentShipping medical supplies is very different from shipping other types of cargo. Depending on the types of supplies being shipped, a package carrier’s safety is put at risk when proper precautions aren’t taken on the part of the sender. Not only can an injured carrier weigh heavily on one’s conscious, it can also damage a company’s reputation and make it the target of costly lawsuits. In the interest of ensuring package carrier safety, make sure to take the following precautions when shipping medical supplies.

  1. Layered Packaging

If you’re shipping syringes, glass beakers or other potentially harmful supplies, it’s in your best interest to layer your packages. This ensures that if dangerous items become dislodged from one layer of packaging, they’ll still be encumbered by several others. Since the odds of every layer being broken through are minimal, layered packaging can go a long way in keeping package carriers out of harm’s way.

  1. Package Testing

Medical package testing should be among the foremost priorities of any company that regularly ships medical supplies. These tests will help determine how well your packaging holds up under extreme temperatures and physical duress. In addition, Ten-E conducts in-depth drop tests designed to ascertain the heights from which your shipments can be dropped without incurring significant damage.

  1. Selecting a Suitable Courier Service

When searching for the right courier service, it’s in your best interest to select a company that has experience transporting medical supplies. A company that’s well-equipped to transport cargo of this nature is less likely to encounter problems during transit or pursue legal action in the event of an accident.

Certain types of medical supplies can cause harm to package carriers if a sender doesn’t take safety into account. Fortunately, such incidents can easily be avoided with a few simple precautions. Utilizing layered packaging, submitting your packing materials for comprehensive testing and selecting a suitable courier service can prove helpful in ensuring the safety of package carriers.