Package Testing: A Brand You Can Trust

TEN-E has been assisting companies worldwide with packaging testing and certification of dangerous goods within the medical and pharmaceutical industries since 1989. We were the first to become the Approval Agency for the United States Department of Transportation. Our packaging services are global, with two international ISO-certified facilities in Newport, Minnesota & Centurion, South Africa and two other strategically located facilities in Ontario, California & High Point, North Carolina.

Our package testing locations are outfitted with contemporary technology to analyze, collate, and interpret data on the packaging containers that ship to your customers. Our accreditation and certification scope covers a range of ISO/ASTM testing, from placing packaging containers in a variety of environmental conditions, to impact tests, or measuring the durability of containers under harsh conditions.

Besides our packaging testing services, we also assist our customers with packaging design and specifications that can entail 2-D or 3-D drawing renderings and documentation of all components. Our team of professionals is there to guide you with all national and international regulatory compliance requirements. The TEN-E SmartCabinet program gives you full access to all your packaging solutions documentation from any device, anywhere in the world.

Don’t be caught with improper packaging or be in the dark about compliance. Let TEN-E find you the ultimate packaging solutions. Contact our team today at (651) 459-0671 to learn more about our distribution testing.

Our Team

The TEN-E Packaging Services team of experts have spent the past three decades building relationships with Clients and we want to make every interaction personalized to your testing, training and consulting needs. Contact us today to experience the difference:

UN Certification & General Testing contacts:

Robert TenEyck, Larry Anderson, Paul Mathson, Steve Brion, Angie Clifton, Tyler Kinderman, Brad Voeller, Peter Stampfle, Alex Hayes, Jon Godfrey, Matt Anderson, Brent Weber and Jeff Schmidt

Medical & Specialty Testing (Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Distribution and Accelerated Aging) contacts:

Matt Dodge, Jim Loth, Alex Chicker, Anthony Johnson, Mary Beth Johnson and Blake Leean

Training Services contact:

Diane Leighty, Susan Hauge and Sanda Her

Consulting contact:

Robert TenEyck


General Info: info@ten-e.com
ISTA 6-Amazon.com: apass@ten-e.com
ISTA 6-Amazon Quote Request: Request for TEN-E Quote for ISTA 6-Amazon.com-SIOC Testing

Our Commitment to Excellence

We take pride in being the trusted packaging experts for our clients. We have spent the past three decades collaborating and building on-going relationships with a number of regulatory bodies, industry organizations, and packaging associations in order to perform testing, training and consulting services that improve the long term performance of your products and packaging across the globe.