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3 Reasons Your Company Needs to Test Its Packaging Materials

If your company ships medical supplies with any degree of regularity, it’s imperative that you submit your packaging materials for comprehensive testing. Even if there haven’t been any problems with your shipments in the past, all it takes is one unfortunate incident to land you in hot water. As you’ll find, having your packaging materials […]

3 Tips to Ensure Package Carrier Safety

Shipping medical supplies is very different from shipping other types of cargo. Depending on the types of supplies being shipped, a package carrier’s safety is put at risk when proper precautions aren’t taken on the part of the sender. Not only can an injured carrier weigh heavily on one’s conscious, it can also damage a […]

3 Tests Your Company’s Medical Packaging Materials Should Be Subjected To

The utmost caution must always be exercised when shipping medical supplies. This is particularly true in the case of syringes and other sharp items, but keeping certain medications safely contained is also vitally important. Failure to take the proper precautions when shipping health care-related items can result in carrier injury, lawsuits, and thoroughly dissatisfied clients. […]

3 Tips for Safely Shipping Medical Supplies

If the proper precautions aren’t taken, shipping medical supplies can be a risky venture. If certain medications are shaken up or damaged in transit, they may no longer be of any use to their intended recipients. Furthermore, syringes and assorted glass-based supplies can prove harmful to delivery personnel in the event that they become separated […]

How Testing Your Medical Packaging Supplies Can Save Your Company Money: Part 2

Lack of Refunds Whether you ship medications to private citizens or lab supplies to large healthcare providers, your clients aren’t going to appreciate receiving damaged packages. Not only will this prompt them to request refunds, it will also make them less likely to purchase from you in the future. However, by strengthening your packaging materials […]

How Testing Your Medical Packaging Supplies Can Save Your Company Money

Shipping medical supplies can be a risky venture. Even if your company has a flawless record, a single shipping mishap can be all it takes to land you in hot water. While it’s true that certain accidents can be laid at the feet of delivery services, many of them are the direct result of unsafe […]

How to Ensure Your Medical Package Testing Is Safe

Testing your packaging on a regular basis is a must for any medical product company. You can do everything you can to make sure your product is manufactured to be safe and effective, but that’s just the first step to making sure it arrives in the consumer’s hand safely. The packaging that protects your product […]

What to Do When You Get Complaints About Your Product Packaging

One consumer complaint is a statistical minimum guarantee. A handful is still not above average. However, when it comes to something as potentially dangerous and life-saving as medical products, there’s no room for error. When you get consumer complaints about your packaging, act quickly and respond with medical package testing services. Seal Strength Test One […]

Things to Consider When Shipping Medical Supplies

When shipping medical supplies, there are numerous things you’ll need to consider. Depending on the nature of the supplies, they can pose a danger to postal carriers or their intended recipients if they’re not packaged and shipped properly. To ensure the safety of the aforementioned parties and save your business from potential lawsuits, remember to […]

Finding the Right Medical Package Testing Company

Whether you’re shipping medical supplies to healthcare providers or private residences, safety should be foremost on your mind. If certain supplies become damage or dislodged while in transit, the consequences could be severe. With this in mind, any company that specializes in shipping medications, lab samples or other important items related to the medical field […]