MEDICAL Package Testing

Medical Device Package Testing

Our Medical Package Testing Is State-Of-The-Art

TEN-E’s medical package testing equipment is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. We provide evaluation services on packaging used for medical products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals in areas including accelerated aging, seal strength, leak detection and package performance tests.

ASTM F88 ISO 11607 
ASTM F1886 ISO 2233 
ASTM F1929 ASTM D4332 
ASTM F2096 ASTM F1980 
ASTM F2203 ASTM F2825 
BS EN-458502-1 ASTM D4169 

Accelerated Package Aging Tests

Medical Package Accelerated Aging TestsAccelerated Aging is a medial testing method used to estimate the useful lifespan and qualification of product packaging by subjecting it to temperature and humidity extremes.

Seal Strength Tests

Medical Package Seal Strength TestsSeal strength testing measures the quality of a heat seal for flexible barrier and thermoform packaging materials. These tests are used to validate the overall integrity of a medical package seal.

Medical Package Performance Testing

Medical Package Performance TestingThe ensurance of high quality packaging relies on the ability to test and validate a product’s performance within a controlled environment by simulating random vibration, drop impact, high altitude and temperature conditions.

Other Testing Services: Drop • Vibration • Stacking • Leakproofness • Vacuum • Topple • Righting • Basis Weight • Cobb Water Absorption • Hydrostatic Pressure • Puncture • Tensile • Tear

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