medical toolsWhen shipping medical supplies, there are numerous things you’ll need to consider. Depending on the nature of the supplies, they can pose a danger to postal carriers or their intended recipients if they’re not packaged and shipped properly. To ensure the safety of the aforementioned parties and save your business from potential lawsuits, remember to take the following factors into account.

How Dependable Is Your Packaging?

The right packing materials can mean the difference between a safe delivery and a disastrous shipping mishap. With this mind, have your packing materials thoroughly examined and tested by a company that specializes in medical products packaging. This will prove helpful in determining which of your packing materials are safe and which need to be improved upon.

How Experienced Is the Shipping Company?

Any shipping company you do business with should be well-versed in transporting medical supplies. Whether you’re dealing with standard medications or highly-sensitive lab samples, the company you choose should have considerable experience transporting an extensive range of supplies for the medical industry. It’s generally a good sign if a company you’re considering has a long list of clients in the medical field.

How Safe Is the Cargo?  

The type of shipping you should opt for and the packaging materials you should use are dependent upon how safe the cargo is. If you’re shipping highly-sensitive or potentially hazardous materials, it’s imperative that you make the shipping company aware of this. In all likelihood, this will mean higher shipping fees, but spending a little money now may prevent you from being on the receiving end of a costly lawsuit down the line.

Absolute caution must be taken when shipping medical supplies. Even a seemingly inconsequential slip-up can result in personal injury — or worse. Be as thorough as possible when deciding on packaging materials and shipping companies. It can go a long way in keeping your business out of harm’s way.