medical packagingTesting your packaging on a regular basis is a must for any medical product company. You can do everything you can to make sure your product is manufactured to be safe and effective, but that’s just the first step to making sure it arrives in the consumer’s hand safely. The packaging that protects your product during distribution and on the shelf is integral to your product’s viability, but testing that packaging without the proper equipment isn’t always effective or even safe.

Hire the Experts

At Ten-E, medical package testing is our business. Our experts know exactly what to look for when it comes to the durability of your packaging. Our testing equipment puts the packaging through extremes in temperature, high altitude, and rolling and dropping to simulate common issues your packaging goes through during transit and storage.

Don’t Stage Amateur Tests

If you know you need to test how products survive a big fall, it can be tempting to simply drop one over the second story balcony. However, that not only won’t give you accurate data, it’s also potentially dangerous to anyone performing the test or walking nearby. Likewise, putting packaging near a flame to test extreme temperatures is a potentially disastrous idea. Leave the testing to the professionals.

Wear Proper Equipment

Many medical products are not safe when used for reasons other than their intended purposes. That’s likely why your employees wear safety equipment while developing and packaging the products. That’s also why during testing — when the packaging may break — our professionals wear safety equipment and ask that anyone nearby do the same.

Rely on Ten-E to perform your medical package testing effectively and safely. Let the experts use their equipment designed for the job and you can focus on the other important details of running your business. Call to set up regular testing today.