When you pick out packaging for your medicines or other medical products, you probably do some testing in-house or maybe you rely on the manufacturer of the packaging to do the testing. However, it’s worth it to bring in third party expert package testing professionals to thoroughly examine the packaging for weaknesses. As medical product manufacturers, you have a responsibility to provide safe and secure items to your clients — and packaging testing is very important to achieving that goal.

Temperature Extremes Assessment

One of the best benefits of medical products packaging testing is an accurate assessment of the packaging’s durability. Consider the scenario in which a customer takes your medicine home and stores it in a cold, dark cellar. Or the scenario in which she leaves it out beside a window and it heats up with the sun. The experts at TEN-E perform extreme temperature testing to see if the packaging warps in these conditions so you can warn consumers appropriately and absolve yourself of any responsibility if they don’t follow instructions.

Determining the Life Span

Another benefit of the service is determining an accurate life span via an accelerated aging test. Even if consumers follow instructions appropriately, time impacts the effectiveness of the product, especially when it comes to medicine. The TEN-E packaging testing program allows you to pinpoint a better “best by” or “use by” date for your products.

Seal Strength Put to the Test

The TEN-E packaging testing also determines the seal’s strength when faced not just with handling and jostling, but also with extreme temperatures and other outside forces. A seal that breaks easily results in many unusable, returned products, so it’s important to put your seal to the test.

Ask a TEN-E representative about the full extent of services that can benefit your medical supply manufacturing or distribution company. So many businesses focus on the product they themselves supply that they may overlook the things like packaging, which can absolutely negatively impact your medical products before and after they arrive at their destination. Be thorough and significantly reduce the chance of hearing about reported problems.