perscriptionsWhether you’re shipping medical supplies to healthcare providers or private residences, safety should be foremost on your mind. If certain supplies become damage or dislodged while in transit, the consequences could be severe. With this in mind, any company that specializes in shipping medications, lab samples or other important items related to the medical field can benefit from having their packaging thoroughly tested. When searching for a reliable place to conduct the necessary tests, be on the lookout for the following qualities.


If you’re paying for medical package testing, it’s only natural that you’d want the people carrying out the tests to be as thorough as possible. For best results, look for companies that perform a litany of environmental and regulatory tests. Since peace of mind is the ultimate goal, these tests should put your packaging materials through the wringer.


It goes without saying that not all medical packaging will be able to stand up to extensive testing. When submitting your packaging materials for testing, you should expect some flaws to be discovered. These flaws range in scale from relatively minor to dangerously unsafe. It’s important that any testing company to whom you give your business be able to provide practical suggestions on how to improve any packaging materials they identify as inadequate.


The package testing company you ultimately decide on should possess an enviable amount of experience. Additionally, they should have a constantly-expanding backlog of satisfied clients. As it turns out, TEN-E meets both of these criteria.

When it comes to shipping medical supplies, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Fortunately, using durable packaging materials can go a long way in keeping people safe and protecting your business from lawsuits. To ensure that your packaging materials fit the bill, take care to have them tested by the right people.