packing foamMore and more people are receiving their medical supplies like blood glucose meters, test strips, medications, and more in the mail. It is much more convenient than going into their doctor’s office or to a medical supplier. But how do you ship these kinds of goods? Because these items are medical, it is very important that they arrive at their destination safely.  Having the right medical device packaging makes all the difference.

The United States Department of Transportation regulated the shipping of medical supplies, particularly the way they are packaged. You need to make sure that your packaging meets these standards when you ship these kinds of goods. Medical devices can be considered hazardous goods.

The most important thing to consider when developing your medical device packaging is the safety of the consumer. If the item is damaged in anyway, the individual using it may hurt themselves. It is also possible for items like syringes to harm postal workers if improperly packaged.

Using the right medical device packaging is important for the safety of the postal workers and consumers and to comply with regulations. TEN-E is a company with 25 years of experience in dangerous goods and medical packaging. When you need to ship medical devices, trust TEN-E to test and certify your packaging.