hazardous waste signIf you regularly ship goods that qualify as hazardous materials, the right packaging is very important. The United States Department of Transportation has very strict regulations regarding the shipping of dangerous goods in place. It is important for you to know if your company is complying. You also need to be sure that your goods arrive at their destination safely. Dangerous items need to be packaged as not to cause harm to you, the postal workers, the recipients, or the environment.

TEN-E is the first Approved Agency for the United States Department of Transportation to test and certify dangerous goods packaging. It is important to go through companies like TEN-E for all of your dangerous goods shipping, because they are experts in their field. They know the regulations for shipping hazardous materials, and have spent years developing a range of testing equipment to ensure that your packaging meets the standards.

These regulations can also change overtime, as new developments in packaging technology occur. If you don’t get your packaging materials tested regularly, you may fall out of compliance with the regulations. It is also possible that your current packaging does not meet the standard. Having your packaging tested ensures that you do not miss any lapses in the safety of your packaging, that you do not cause harm to people or the environment, and that your goods arrive safely at their destination.

When you need to ship hazardous materials, trust TEN-E for your packaging testing and certification.