As mentioned in a previous post, there are times when it is best to re-evaluate the packing of your goods and products; especially when those products could possibly be hazardous to people for the environment.

  • How Much Damage Has There Been to Your Products? – If your products have been damaged during packaging, transportation, or delivery, your packaging may be the culprit. For example, if you’re using a general packaging instead of something specifically tailored to your product, an excess of space might cause the items to move around too much during transit. Your items need the proper cushioning, and a new style of packaging may be the answer through a packaging consultant.
  • Have You Gotten Reports About Confusing Instructions? – If your products should come with instructions for the proper handling or use, your packaging should reflect that. Updated packaging may include more detailed instructions on the packaging itself or on a supplemental paper that can be tucked inside.

Signing up for a Ten-E quote request is fast and easy. After a consultation, you’ll have a clearer picture as to whether or not your packaging is in need of updating. If it’s been a few years or you’ve never relied on customized packaging before, you probably do need to change it.