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Things to Consider When Shipping Medical Supplies

When shipping medical supplies, there are numerous things you’ll need to consider. Depending on the nature of the supplies, they can pose a danger to postal carriers or their intended recipients if they’re not packaged and shipped properly. To ensure the safety of the aforementioned parties and save your business from potential lawsuits, remember to […]

How Important Is Medical Packaging Testing to Your Business

When you pick out packaging for your medicines or other medical products, you probably do some testing in-house or maybe you rely on the manufacturer of the packaging to do the testing. However, it’s worth it to bring in third party expert package testing professionals to thoroughly examine the packaging for weaknesses. As medical product […]

Medical Products Packaging Services

Medical products and dangerous goods are mailed safe and secure every day through the means of medical products packaging. At TEN-E, we offer the following medical products packaging services: Package Design and Specification If you need customized packaging for your medical product, design and specification services include development of package assembly and closure instructions, documentation […]